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Health and Safety Courses


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  • Admin and User Help Video

    Administrator guidance video for logging into the secure portal, adding employees, creating reports etc.

    Click here to watch help videos -
  • I can't log in?

    This e-learning uses your name that's been entered by your contractor company administrator?

    All names must be entered exactly as those entered by your company administrator.

    Please enter 'PepsiCo' into the company name field.

    The system uses your unique ID number and this could be your National Insurance Number or other works payroll number and this must be entered correctly.

    If you are unsure about any of this please contact your administrator who will look into this for you.
  • Technical Support

    If you have any technical issues please email us at the link below.
  • Technical Specifications

    Please be aware that all the laptops or computers being used to train workers must have audio, via speakers or headphones. The Technical Specifications details for the videos and audio to function correctly in is: Chrome **, Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox **, Safari **.